Traffic Light System:
Test for green and
amber countries.
Fit2fly, Day 2 & 8, Day 5 TTR.

Covid-19 testing Customized for your needs

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we travel but we are here to help your journey smooth with efficient and seamless COVID19 booking system. We are a UKAS accredited provider that can provide customised service based on your travel need. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us and our expert will give you solutions personalised to your travel situation.

Our Services

  • Day 2 (Self Swab)-£85.00

  • Day 2 ( Home Collection) -£150.00

  • Day 2 Day 8 (Self Swab)-£165.00

  • Day 5 TTR (Self Swab)-£85.00

  • Day 8 (Self Swab)-£85.00

  • Day 2 Day 8 (Home Collection)-£300.00

  • Day 5 Test to Release (Home Collection)-£150.00

  • Day 5TTR (London Walk-in Only)-£150.00

  • Fully NHS vaccinated Day2 Self Swab-£85.00

  • Fully NHS vaccinated Day2 Home Collection-£150.00

  • Supervised(Video) home testing day 2-£85.00

  • Supervised(Video) home testing day 8-£85.00

  • Supervised(Video) home testing day 5-£85.00

  • Fit-to-Fly (Self Swab)-£85.00

  • Fit-to-Fly (Walk-in clinic, London Only)-£150.00

  • Fit to Fly (Home Collection UK)-£150.00

Rapid Test (LFD)
  • Lateral flow test (Video Supervised)-£45.00

Our Available Tests

Trafic Light System for Arrivals

Measure Green Country Amber Country Red Country
Passenger Locator Form
Pre Departure test at destination
Hotel Quarantine
N/A 10 Days
Self Isolation
10 Days N/A
Test to Release
N/A On Day 5
PCR testing
Day 2 Day 2 Day 2
Further PCR testing
Day 8 Day 8

Test Booking form for green and amber countries

Attention: ARE YOU TRAVELLING TO THE UK FROM AMBER COUNTRY? Please note that only those who have had full NHS vaccination in the UK can opt for Day 2 only and will not need to quarantine otherwise you must book day 2 and day 8 and quarantine for 10 days or opt in addition for Day 5 TTR.

Note: If you are from Red List Country then don't use this form. This platform is for Non-Red List Countries. Check the Government portal for Red List Countries.

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Self Isolation Address Information